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REPEATING ELEMENTS EP (self-released: August 2005)

Constructed using an electronic drum set, lap steel percussion, and homemade instruments. This is a 19+ minute collage piece of interacting repeating elements where the tracks flow freely into one another.

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Repeating Elements 1

Repeating Elements 2

Repeating Elements 3

HYPERMUTATOR (Release Date: May 13 on MEME Records)

Loosely inspired by the mechanisms of evolutionary change in bacteria with high mutation rates, this album was constructed using heavy tweaking of electronic sounds, guitar percussion, shortwave, and natural recordings. Hypermutator purposely fuses and jumps between IDM, krautrock, jazz, video game music, cut-ups, drums 'n' bass, dub, and no-wave.

GATHER YOUR JUNK TOGETHER (self-released: December 2002)

An integration of different genres from the electronic musical junkyard (video game soundtracks, jazz, Middle/Far Eastern, trip hop, trash can fusion, sci-fi soundscapes, African, and many others) to form semi-hypnotic, danceable, and whacked out rhythms.

Evidence That DNA Can Act As A Wire

Arcade Trip Bop And Roll


Droid Jazz

Orwellian Nightmare

Corporate Control Committee

HYBRID MUSICAL ORGANISMS (self-released: March 2002)

Bloop-bleepy Perrey and Kingsley meets Mr. Bungle Nintendo-esque music. Rubber Band Banjo in his rawest form.

Darwin's Evolving Finchfrogs

Underwater Record Player Archaeologist

Nested Bass Line Function Fungus

Recombinant Computer Virus

Superstring Shapeshifter