Rubber Band Banjo Biography

Rubber Band Banjo is a self-educated musician and an experimentalist in the sense of always trying new approaches to music making. Starting off as an electronic musician in November 2001, a wretched EP was created with the demo version of a cheap program in four days flat. It sounds somewhere in between the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack, video game music, and Mr. Bungle gone horribly wrong.

The first full-length album entitled Hybrid Musical Organisms, self-released in March 2002, was a much-needed improvement on the theme of zany video game soundtracks and genre-hopping. On this album, every note was sequenced by RBB alone.

The second full-length album Gather Your Junk Together was an attempt to expand the bloop-bleepy Perrey and Kingsley meets Mr. Bungle Nintendo-esque music sound of the HMO album. GYJT is a mishmash of different genres from the electronic musical junkyard, originally self-released in December 2002. This album turned out to be multi-genre tracks composed of manipulated sounds and homemade melodies. The tracks vary from the video game soundtrack - Middle Eastern - trip hop - banjo - beat box musical collage of Arcade Trip Bop and Roll to the two-step rhythmic record scratching freak out of Evidence That DNA Can Act As A Wire to trash can fusion in Reconstruction Of A Metabolic Pathway.

Neither of the aforementioned albums were released on a record label, but some individual tracks were featured on audiogalaxy and the former site. Many songs on the GYJT album originally had samples from various movies, radio, and TV shows; thus requiring copyright permissions to officially sell. After an extended break from music making, RBB decided to remove the samples from GYJT so that it could be distributed by CD Baby and iTunes in May 2004.

A third full-length album Hypermutator was released on MEME Records in May 2005 and also distributed via CD Baby/iTunes. This album was loosely inspired by the mechanisms of evolutionary change in bacteria with high mutation rates and was constructed using heavy tweaking of electronic sounds, guitar percussion, shortwave radio, and natural recordings. Hypermutator purposely fuses and jumps between IDM, krautrock, jazz, video game music, cut-ups, drums 'n' bass, dub, and no-wave. Tracks from this album have somehow appeared on over 30 podcasts to date and played on several radio stations, including Don Campau's No Pigeonholes show in the San Francisco Bay Area and Australia's ISON Live Radio.

In August 2005, the Repeating Elements EP was released as a FREE mp3 download on This EP was constructed using an electronic drum set, lap steel percussion, and homemade instruments. This is a 19+ minute collage piece of interacting repeating elements where the tracks flow freely into one another. In the future, Rubber Band Banjo hopes to construct an album using sounds entirely from homemade instruments and other musical oddities.