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January 27, 2008
For a limited time, purchase The Circlemaker CD and receive the Wave Genetics video DVD for free!

November 24, 2007
For anyone not wanting to download RBB mp3s on iTunes, etc., there is now a solution...high quality mp3s from every album are now available for purchase for only $0.50 each in the store! You can listen to an mp3 clip of each song and a medley from each album. Each album is only $5 if you purchase it in mp3 format!

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Also, The Circlemaker track Memetic Recombination is featured on the Weirdsville! Web Radio podcast WeirdPod014!

One more thing: you need to check out the RBB side project Von Sleight! We just released our third album, Scandinavia Darkly, earlier this year. This album mixes MIDI instruments with homemade instruments/objects/devices and analog synthesizers to create Scandinavian kraut rock, symphonic atmospheres, rhythmic textures, and hypnotic jazz. Styles include the Residents meet Kraftwerk "Radiation in the Eyeball", Finnish painter/graphic artist Hugo Simberg inspired "Symphony For Simberg", and Charles Mingus / African Head Charge hybrid "Sibelius and Salmiakki".

April 22, 2007
The Circlemaker is now available on iTunes! Also, check out some ringtones from the album.

March 1, 2007
The Circlemaker is now available on eMusic!

February 21, 2007
The Wave Genetics video is now available for download! This is only available in Windows Media Player format and is about 19 MB, so if you have a slow connection speed you will have to be patient. Or you can watch it on YouTube:

February 5, 2007
The fourth full-length album The Circlemaker is now complete and will be released on Weirdomusic Recordings! This album emphasizes the use of unfamiliar sounds played on homemade instruments and electrified objects...and is inspired by avant rock, krautrock, and whatever comes out of experimenting with electrified objects and instruments largely made from junked parts. You will soon find links on the Weirdomusic website to iTunes, eMusic, and other digital stores to download this album. The physical copy of this album is now being sold for only for $10 worldwide in the store (this price already includes shipping).

In other news, a video was made of the Naked Under Leather track using ninja footage by someone in Japan! Check it out here. Also, some tracks from The Circlemaker album are on Weirdsville! Web Radio! Lastly, the Naked Under Leather track will be the theme song for the Billibub Baddings podcast, the broadcast of the award winning sci-fi novel of the same name.

July 26, 2006
Three full-length demos from the upcoming album have been uploaded to the listen page!

March 24, 2006
A new demo track made with a homemade zither and percussion tentatively titled Rats Smell In Stereo has been posted on the RBB My Space page. Also, RBB is featured on the It Takes A Village To Make Records compilation with the track Winter Safety Rules from Hypermutator. Check out a great review of the first MEME Records compilation Proletarian Science Fiction featuring RBB here.

February 11, 2006
I wanted to post an old mp3 of a Hypermutator b-side called Who Gets The Deer? Click on the link to stream the mp3 or right click to save the file if you have a PC. This track is in the style of hillbilly meets drums 'n' bass and features samples of a redneck who hit a deer making a 911 call.

In case you've been itching for a new t-shirt, check out the new black Hypermutator shirt on Cafepress. And on the off-chance you were wondering, what Rubber Band Banjo has been up to...

August 31, 2005
All three tracks from the new Repeating Elements EP have been posted on the Listen page. All tracks are FREE mp3 downloads! This EP was constructed using an electronic drum set, lap steel percussion, and homemade instruments. This is a 19+ minute collage piece of interacting repeating elements where the tracks flow freely into one another.

August 14, 2005
Stay tuned for a free mp3 download only EP using an electronic drum set, lap steel guitar played percussively, and various homemade instruments! Also, three different tracks from Hypermutator were played on the Ordinary Average Guy Podcast (listen here), Xen Podcast (listen here), and the Closet Geek Show (listen here).

June 30, 2005
Four tracks off Hypermutator are in the regular rotation at ISON Live Radio in Australia! Check out playlists for the Australian Underground Dance Station here and The Cool Cats Jazz Hour here. Voltage Clamp off Hypermutator was played on Don Campau's No Pigeonholes radio show in the San Francisco Bay Area.

May 16, 2005
Hypermutator is available for purchase here for $5 US/$7 Canada/$10 World. Or you can buy the album on CD Baby for $8 + shipping here. The album is also on iTunes!

May 1, 2005
The release of Hypermutator has been delayed until May 13th, but you can still pre-order a copy ($5 US/$7 Canada/$10 World) here.

March 25, 2005
Hypermutator mp3 clips have been posted on the listen page.

March 14, 2005
Two tracks from the upcoming Hypermutator album will be on an upcoming MEME Records compilation. Here's the ad that will appear in the April 6th edition of City Pulse (Lansing, MI newspaper):

February 14, 2005
The third full-length album Hypermutator will be released on MEME Records hopefully by late March or early April and will be distributed on CD Baby (this includes digital distribution on iTunes, etc.).

January 14, 2005
While not really exciting news, for some strange reason the editors of CD Baby decided to include RBB's Gather Your Junk Together album in the Soundscapes (Electronica subcategory) editors pick section. I'm selling it here cheaper (only $5) for anyone interested.

January 6, 2005
The demo version of the third full-length album is finished (!) and is tentatively titled Hypermutator since its creation was loosely inspired by mechanisms of evolutionary change in bacteria with high mutation rates. No essays, but there will be something in the album artwork to depict this. There was use of guitar percussion, shortwave, found sound (natural recordings), and heavy tweaking of electronic sounds in the making of this album. Hypermutator is more experimental than the last two, but retains its melodic qualities at the same time. Two demo tracks have been uploaded to the RBB Soundclick music page in addition to one previously uploaded. These are not available for download since they are demo versions, but they soon will be after the album has been released. There are seven other full-length mp3s from the first two albums that can be downloaded. More info soon regarding the release date of Hypermutator.

November 23, 2004
Due to a new batch of printing supplies, both the Gather Your Junk Together and Hybrid Musical Organisms albums are only $5 each (with free shipping in the US or Canada) until I run out! $5 extra for shipping elsewhere. Also, if you buy either album, you will be sent a secret link where you can to download b-sides and alternate versions (from the GYJT album with the original samples from movies, TV shows, radio, etc.) from whatever album you buy. There is one b-side and several alternate versions with samples from the GYJT album and two b-sides from the HMO album.

September 28, 2004
The GYJT album is now on iTunes (and other online digital download services) and surprisingly already has a digital sale, all courtesy of CD Baby's free digital distribution service when you pay a mere $35 to have them distribute your CD.

September 2, 2004
Demo mp3s of 3 new tracks are on the RBB Soundclick music page!

July 24, 2004
6 entire tracks (4 from Gather Your Junk Together and 2 from Hybrid Musical Organisms) can be downloaded in mp3 format from Soundclick, a free mp3 hosting site.

June 4, 2004
The track 'Droid Jazz' will be "track of the day" on in the jazz genre on June 11th!

May 29, 2004
RBB is now featured on Tower Records by way of CD Baby!

May 13, 2004
The track Evidence That DNA Can Act As A Wire was voted by reviewers on #1 for "Best Beat" in the electronic genre.

May 12, 2004
Rubber Band Banjo has joined the band Brickburner! We are a 3 member band influenced by post punk, no-wave, kraut rock, and electronica groups. RBB will play guitar, short wave radio, and sampler to start with.

The Gather Your Junk Together CD (second full-length album) is now being distributed by CD Baby and is on sale for $8 + shipping.

You can listen to MP3 clips (the first one or two minutes of each track) here or different mp3 clips on the Listen page.

Selected entire tracks from the GYJT album can now be downloaded on the RBB CNET site.

The Hybrid Musical Organisms album is only available here.

April 20, 2004
Rubber Band Banjo has joined (an excellent site for discovering new independent artists, mp3 hosting, and song contests). Check out the RBB site to find out more info about RBB, download entire mp3 tracks, read reviews of tracks I have submitted to the garageband contest by other garageband users.